Our Technology​

Frisbee global’s customers benefit from breakthrough technological developments specially tailored to their needs. This technology was developed in partnership with leading companies in the field and reshaped the way our customers send and transport their temperature controlled goods.

Our technological developments are designed to generate value in four main areas:

  1. Reduce the cost of thermal solutions.
  2. Reducing shipping costs.
  3. Improving performance.
  4. Operational simplicity.

Among our technological developments you can find :

Load & Go

A unique development designed to stabilize the temperature inside the thermal packaging to the desired temperature even when the cooling elements are placed directly from the freezer without preliminary defrosting.
This technological development meets the need to reduce the time spent on operating the thermal solution and to simplify the process.

Flexible Pallet Shipper

A flexible and thin solution for transporting controlled temperature pallets, replacing the traditional Pallet Shipper. This solution offers high performance with low volumetric weight and great cost savings.

Reactive Thermal Blanket

A new generation of thermal blankets containing a reactive energetic core. The blanket maintains the defined temperature range for long periods of time and has a performance that is 10 times better than the normal thermal blanket.

The reactive thermal blanket can come in a number of variations such as:

Anti-Freeze Blanket

A blanket that keeps the product temperature from reaching below 5°C.

Anti-Heat Blanket

A blanket that keeps the product temperature from warming above 30°C.

Pharma Blanket

A blanket that maintains a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C for an extended period of time.

Stand By charging

This technology enables frisbee global to send the customer a stand-by recharged package.
The validation time will begin the counted down only after the goods are loaded into the package.
This technological development comes towards the customer and reduces the time of preliminary precondition by the customer himself.

PCM (Phase Change Material)

Special cooling elements which are suitable for maintaining a defined temperature range for a long period of time without fear of temperature irregularities.
The cooling element releases cold / heat into the package at a constant temperature and thus maintains temperature stability from extreme environmental conditions of both heat and cold.

VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel)

An innovative insulation material that insulates 10 times better than the standard styrofoam package.
Using the VIP technology, the customer receives a smaller package with better performance and thus saves shipping costs with better results.
Combining PCM cooling elements technology with VIP insulation technology creates the ultimate temperature controlled solution that meets the needs in all four areas.
This combination creates a strong and stable solution for a long period of time.
This solution does not need ice replenishment / or controlled storage and provides excellent results and mental calmness to the user.