International shipping thermal packagings

International shipping packages

Frisbee Global offers a variety of temperature-controlled solutions. Our passive thermal packages – the GYRO comes in several forms, sizes, and temperature ranges. 

All our GYROs combine Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) with PCM cooling elements to stabilize the needed temperature inside. The GYRO will maintain the needed temperature up to 120 hours. 

An important feature inside the GYRO system called STAND BY UNIT. A passive unit that maintain our PCM cooling elements full of energy for more than three whole days, until the package arrive at the shipper site. Our Stand-By Unit (SBU) is used only in our rental service.  

The Gyro is offered as a passive thermal package in various sizes and temperature ranges or as complete-solution rental services. 

All Frisbee Global solutions have been tested in challenging conditions and showed great results. Data sheet and Validation Reports are available for all Frisbee solutions

Combining PCM cooling elements technology with VIP insulation technology creates a powerful temperature controlled solution that meets all needs in four areas:

When you use a Frisbee global products – you get:

High-quality solutions. 
Up to 40% reduced shipping cost.
Stock availability.
Great service—we take care of everything.
Green solutions, its reusable.  

The thermal packagings come in a variety of sizes and at different temperature ranges.