Frisbee 360° service

The new Door 2 Door delivery service of Frisbee global is a revolutionary service in temperature controlled transport. The purpose of the service is to reduce shipping costs without compromising the quality of the temperature controlled solution. The service mainly intended for small packages transported on currier platform basis. As part of the “frisbee 360° service” the customer will receive a temperature controlled packaging at “stand-by mode” using the Stand-By method in his facility. The thermal packaging will remain in stand-by for several days until the collection day is chosen by the customer.
The customer will be able to decide when to ship out the thermal packaging and after the goods are cleared, the thermal packaging will be collected by the courier company and sent abroad on the same day.
At frisbee global, we will track the shipment and will act, if necessary, to avoid delays in the delivery.

Development of customized thermal packagings

Frisbee global listens to the client’s needs and turning ideas into action!
At frisbee global, we accompanied our customers all the way – from understanding and formulating the needs to achieving the optimal thermal solution for ongoing activity and without deviations from the customer’s facilities on a daily basis.
We develop a temperature controlled solutions for the needs of our customers according to the customer’s unique temperature profile and taking into account their operational needs.
frisbee global adjusts the solution to the customer’s operational procedures and not vice versa. We are always trying to help our customers get the most efficient solution for them and thus streamline and reduce the operating cost of their facility.

Validation service

Frisbee global offers its customers a unique validation service, including a comprehensive validation report.
frisbee global has an advanced climate chamber that can be programed and cansimulate different temperature profiles according to the transport conditions defined by the customer. frisbee global ensures the planning and implementation of the validation processes, needs analysis, dispersion and temperature mapping. We examine the results and conclude how to upgrade and improve the solution for the benefit of the customer.

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