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As a life science start-up company with strict requirements for shipping our products, we needed a quality and reliable company to handle our shipments. We were pleased to discover the service and products of frisbee global, which makes it easy for us to send shipments to our customers without any temperature deviations.

Shlomi Levy

I worked with frisbee global for several years as part of my work at Promedico, the Neopharm Israel Group and I find out a “new” type of company. A quality company, serious, creative in solutions and very service oriented, critical features in the pharmaceutical industry. The company staff was available to me 24 hours for any question and consultation (sometimes related to other projects as well), accompanying and support until the arrival of the cargo and verifies that the temperature data are correct. frisbee global represents unconditional partnership, integrity, fairness and always place the success of the project at the top of its priorities. A renewable company that will always find the best solution for its customers’ needs. When I started to work at the company “Kamada”, thanks to frisbee global solutions, we upgraded the quality of our temperature controlled shipment to a significant level. frisbee global is my recommendation to companies in the pharma field and for me they are the perfect partner for the activity of temperature controlled shipments.

Import Manager, Daiso Japan