Distribution bags and carrier for internal domestic distribution (Load & Go)

Distribution bags and carrier for internal domestic distribution (Load & Go)

frisbee global developed reusable distribution bags for temperature controlled domestic distribution, using Load & Go technology.
This technology allows to eliminate the thawing phase of the cooling elements in the pre-condition process of the distribution bags.

The Load & Go technology is a unique development designed to stabilize the temperature inside the thermal package to the desired temperature even when the cooling element is inserted directly from the freezer without preliminary defrosting.
This technological development meets the customer needs to reduce the time spent on operating the solution and to simplify the process.

Our distribution bags allow to place the cooling elements directly from the freezer to the thermal distribution bag and enable safe distribution even when the bag is opened several times along the distribution route. The Distribution bags are validated and designed for the temperature controlled distribution of medical products for 46 hours or more.

The frisbee’s distribution bags meet the strict criteria of the Ministry of Health and are already operating in the field with a variety of distribution companies for the various pharma products.

The frisbee’s distribution bags come in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges of 15-25° C and 2-8° C.